by Felix O'Brien 

Inspired by and featuring live music from
Nadine Wild-Palmer

Directed by Stephen Lloyd

1944. Britain is at War. The men have gone to fight and the women at home have picked up the slack. And the slacks. Welcome to The Gateways, London’s most vibrant underground nightspot for women. And other women. Ronnie’s living her best life. Betty’s life’s on hold. They meet. They dance. They fall in love. But with an Allied victory on the horizon, can a love forged in conflict survive a world at peace?

'V.E.' is a funny, poignant and romantic insight into a rarely-explored period in British queer history.

“Felix O’Brien knocked it out the park with funny, deeply moving, tender, excellent, full of love V.E.” - Alex Stedman.

“V.E is not only stunning for its ingenuity of staging and collaboration between music and plot, but for its nuanced and genuine script, performances and lyrics. A feat that many shows never achieve, let alone manage to encompass entirely in such a captivating and devastating way.” - Beth Hinton Lever.


28th & 29th July 2019